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Monday, December 13, 2010

10 Fun Things I Can Do with a new Lenovo Laptop

Fun to me is when I used to share something to others that will make them happy:  

1.  Using the latest Adobe Creative Suite 5 Master Collection that I will install in Lenovo IdeaPad G460, I can create astonishing greeting cards and e-card this holiday season to send to my friends, relatives and to my special someone.

2.  I can also have the capability to edit HD clips that came from my HD camera, phone or other multimedia devices to consolidate them into one funny and memorable movie, burn it and distribute to friends or relatives.

3.  Bonding time by watching HD Movies.  By connecting it to a large LCD display, I will share the action, suspense, comedy and drama to people I love.

4.  Share my Lenovo IdeaPad laptop to my relatives and friends who are in need for their research assignments and projects.

It is fun when you beat boredom:

5.  I can play top games like Crysis and Need for Speed with stunning visuals.

6.  Surf the world wide web and be informed.  Browse the latest news, happenings and of course fresh tech news from Yugatech.com and new gadgets releases from Lenovo.com.  Also I can play addictive flash games from Facebook.

Fun when you communicate and share all things from your mind:

7.  I can talk to my relatives abroad using Voice over Internet Protocol.  Do chatting with them using messenger and video conferencing.

8.  I can blog the latest happenings in my life, share it with Facebook and tweet them over Twitter.  Communicate to a long lost friend using social networking sites like Facebook and Friendster.

Fun when you earn money with all your effort exerted:

9.  Build a website using Dreamweaver or any web tools available.  And putting up online Buy and sell gadgets.

Fun is when you have something special that you can be proud of:

10.  Since this will be my very first laptop, I will bring my Lenovo IdeaPad anywhere, use it and shouts the public that I am pleased to have a Lenovo IdeaPad G460 Laptop.

Laptop is Lenovo!

Linking you to the world
Enriching lives and empowers you
No other brand can bring affordability and reliability just like Lenovo
Offers wide range and highest quality caliber of personal computing products
Victory is in your hand using Lenovo Laptop
Own it now!

This is my official entry to the Lenovo-YugaTech Laptop Giveaway.

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