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Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Which Lenovo IdeaPad laptop are you?

 I feel I found my half while looking on a Lenovo IdeaPad G460.  I am a simple but irresistible just like the G460 laptop.  My sense organs and other primary organs are roaring for this ideal laptop.

 “My eyes”
I never contented to watch standard definition format movies.  I am longing for a high-definition, widescreen movies without the black horizontal bars on top and bottom of the screen.  With its enhanced video playback and high-definition graphics powered by the leader in graphics technology NVidia, it will give a sure fire fun and excitement to me and also to the people who will own this made in heaven laptop.

“My Ears”
I love music.  I hate monochromatic sounds.  This laptop will rock you with a wider sound stage.  I can dance and party all night long with my special someone or with my peers with the help of Windows 7 multimedia capabilities.

“My Mouth”
I love to share and talk what I feel.  Communication made easier with a WiFi for internet and Bluetooth connection for mobile multimedia files sharing.

“My Nose”
I am craving for the scent of a new gadget like this “mouth-watering” feature-packed laptop from Lenovo.

“My Skin”
My Sense of touch is yearning to feel the ergonomic design of the keyboard.  And my skin wants to feel the intense 3-D games that G460 can handle

“My Brain”
My brain needs a companion and I found one on IdeaPad G460’s Intel Core i3 that will give me mighty speed and flawless operation of multiple programs opened.  With the help of G460’s 2GB DDR3 RAM, multi-task computing is a piece of cake.

“My Heart” and “My Lungs”
My heart doesn’t beat like TUG-TUG-TUG-TUG but it sounds like LE-NO-LE-NO
And my lungs shouts VO-VO (sounds like Filipino term UBO-UBO hehehe)

All around laptop that can cover 360 degrees of my daily computing needs + 100% FUN = G460 Ideapad from Lenovo.

This is my Lenovo IdeaPad G460.  This is my laptop. This is me.

And this is my official entry to the Lenovo-PTB Great Laptop Giveaway.

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