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Monday, January 24, 2011

P5.00 Unforeseen Van Fare Increase from Alabang to Imus

I was surprised when the dispatcher in Alabang City Terminal returned my change of P10.00 for P50.00 that I gave to him for the fare for Alabang-Imus.  I swiftly lay my hand waiting for a P5.00 and the dispatcher told me that new fare for Alabang to Imus is P40.00 starting today (Monday, January 24, 2011), that’s without any advance notice.  The funny thing is fare from Imus to Alabang remains P35.00.  I didn’t further ask the dispatcher maybe due to the headache I felt and my body was wishing for me to rest and sleep for a while inside the van (L300 – I don’t know if the van has franchise from LTFRB).

I do not know if the sudden increase of P5.00 is legal that is why I reported it to LTFRB hotline at 0921-448-7777.  You can also report abusive taxi drivers by calling 426-2515 or DOTC7890.

Any similar experience, kindly share it with me via IntenseDebate below.

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