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Thursday, January 27, 2011

Samsung Theme Designer 1.0.2

Samsung has released the new version of Samsung Theme Designer.

The new  version of Samsung Theme Designer is now available for download.

Samsung Theme Designer 1.0.2 is an authoring tool for designers and developers to create Theme content for Samsung mobile phones. Samsung Theme Designer supports native Samsung Mobile phones. And Samsung Theme Designer doesn't support Symbian, Windows, or Android Mobile development.

The authoring tool includes model specific pre-set information, image/animation components, preview function, and sample theme templates.

Samsung Theme Designer provides designers and developers to create state of the art theme content.

What’s new in the latest release?
  • Unused Mainmenu icons have been removed in TouchWiz 3.0.
  •  Samsung Theme Designer supports GT-S8530(Wave II/TouchWiz 3.0), GT-S5750E(Wave575/TouchWiz 3.0), GT-B2710(Makalu/Non-Touch) and GT-E3210ZC(Caspi/Non-Touch).
With its new features, the first version of the Samsung Theme Designer enables developers to improve development productivity.

Download the new version of Samsung Theme Designer directly from Samsung_Theme_Designer_1.0.2.zip (172MB)

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