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Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Rockmelt Rocks!

Finally, Rockmelt emailed me to test their rocking browser Rockmelt.  Here's the email I received from them:

I clicked the link to download, here's a welcome message from Rockmelt team:

and I downloaded the downloader application then run it:

I successfully installed Rockmelt version on Windows 7.

The interface is refreshing.  Rockmelt will ask you to enter you Facebook credential so that the browser will integrate all updates into your browser thru its sidebars that update in realtime.

Friends. Share. Search. News.  It's Rockmelt.

Rockmelt stays you up to date on what's happening on your Facebook friends and you can chat with them using the Facebook sidebar contacts:

Just integrate you Twitter account, blog accounts into Rockmelt and it will provide you realtime updates:

Search easily, type the keyword and press enter key, then Rockmelt will show you the best search results powered by Google.  You have the option to open it on a tab or click the a search result to open it to a new tab:

Share easily in just a very few clicks:

I have 5 invites to download and test this rocking Rockmelt browser!  Like to test and try it?  Facebook friends should comment on my intense debate below and send me private message using Facebook.  Or you can visit www.rockmelt.com to get free invites and wait for a few days to have your request approved.

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