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Thursday, February 17, 2011

Samsung Wave 1 Running on Android 2.2 Froyo?

I got the pictures from (http://www.badabrasil.com.br/2011/02/samsung-wave-rodando-android-22-froyo.html) Per "badabrasil", the project known as wavedroid is almost finished, lacking only tests with bootloader.  But the wavedroid team confirmed that they haven't port android 2.2 into Samsung Wave S8500:

Now I can tell you guys that as far I know we haven't completed anything yet. We're stuck on the bootloader till we find the piece of software we need. wich we seem to have found yesterday although this isn't confirmed.
So, nothing is completed net unless we have an guy inside here who did finish it and didn't gave it to us wich I don't expect at all cause ndt is working on the bootloader while sachin has the kernel files. so...
Anyways. We'll kepp you guys updated and I PROMISE as soon as we have a working one you guys will be notified.

Any questions can be posted below.


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