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Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Accessing Free SUN Voicemail

Sun Cellular's Voice Mail Service give you advantages that puts you at the edge of technology 24/7. Equipped with a user-friendly voice prompt, the Voice Mail Service is loaded with features that you can truly benefit from.

Access to the Voice Mail Service

You have two ways to access your Voice Mail Service so you are not limited to your own phone. There is no pressure to immediately listen to messages even if you receive the notification. You can retrieve your messages whenever it is convenient.

There are two ways to call/use the Voice Mail Service:
1. Local Access: Dial 211 from your Sun Cellular
2. Universal (Remote): Access Access your voicemail via another Sun Cellular handset, a landline or even another network's handset.

Dialing sequences are as follows:
* Other Sun cellphones: 212
* Other networks and landlines: 0922-2000-212 or +63922-2000-212
* Calling from abroad: 0063-922-2000-212 or +63-922-2000-212

To listen to messages:
1. Local Access: Dial 211 from your Sun Cellular and wait for new messages to be played
2. Universal (Remote) Access: Dial Universal (Remote) Access number Enter your 11-digit mobile number + "#" key + PIN + "#" key Wait for new messages to be played

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