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Sunday, March 6, 2011

I am now Level 60: More Energy Tips on Cityville

1. The first way is by visiting your neighbors daily and completing common tasks. The more neighbors you have then the more energy you can gain on a daily basis.  The key here is to get as many neighbors as you can and visit them every day.

2. The next way is to just ask for it. As you already know, you get something out of giving so you might be surprised at how responsive your friends and neighbors are when you send out a request for more energy. Plus you can get up to 3 energy points for each response. This taps into the first method a little because the more neighbors you have the more chance you have of getting a good response.

3. The third way is by completing special collections. This way you can get different items during the collections of business’ revenue, harvesting of crops and rent.

All three of these tap into our CityVille tip that will get you some extra energy fairly easily.  This is known as the Pumpkin Collection method and can give you some big energy gains and XP points too every time you complete the collections. You may have already guessed where I’m going with this.

To start, you need to build enough storage, as in some barns, and put them in your city. Begin to plant as many pumpkins as you can but no more than which your storage capacity is limited to.

The key here is obviously the crops. The magic is letting your neighbors water and harvest them for you.  This saves you tons of energy because you won’t have to harvest them yourself and that’s where you normally would lose your energy. By having your neighbors water your pumpkin crops the harvest time is reduced greatly and leaves you with a nice harvest and a bunch of energy to boot.

Via:  http://cityvilletipsx.com

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