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Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Speedtest.Net's Speed Wave

Speedtest.net has a new look and new feature like Speed Wave!

What is Speed Wave?
Speedtest.net's exciting new Speed Wave feature provides an easy way to compare results with others. Create friendly competitions which will also gather useful statistics. Participants can earn special badges for achievements like fastest download or best latency performance.
Create your own Speed Wave after taking a test or via the Speed Wave icon next to your most recent test. You can also join the example Speed Wave below by clicking on the blue button on the right and then taking a test. Here are some examples to help spark your own Speed Wave ideas:
  • Simply share with friends on Facebook, Twitter, Email or an instant messenger
  • Compare Internet service providers, universities or geographic locations
  • Setup a competition between groups such as ISPs, hotels or Internet cafes
  • Compile a variety of statistics or just have fun!
  • View Speed Waves you have created or participated in

Here are my results from speedtest and pingtest.net:

ISP:  Globe Broadband
Location:  Imus, Cavite
Plan:  ₱1,295 | 2 Mbps + Landline

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