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Tuesday, March 29, 2011

SUN Free Voice Mail FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How do I set-up my Voice Mail Service?
To set-up the Voice Mail Service:
a. Set-up the "call divert" function of your mobile phone. Divert calls to 211. Depending on the options available on your phone, you can divert your calls to the Voice Mail Service based on the following:

1. On busy
2. Unreachable
3. Not answered
4. Not available
5. All calls to Voice Mail Service (ie unconditional)

b. Dial 211 from your Sun mobile to:
1. Set-up 4-digit PIN. This PIN is always used for remote access.
2. Personalize the Voice Mail Service (eg record Welcome Announcement)
("*" brings back the Voice Mail Service subscriber to the previous menu.)

I had my Voice Mail Service deactivated and now want to have it reactivated. What do I do?
You can visit the Business/Co-Location center or call the Hotline. Just make sure that your account is current, with no unpaid balances. There is no activation charge. The service is activated within 24 hours.

It's been over 24hours, why is my Voice Mail Service still not activated?Please turn-off your phone and then try accessing the Voice Mail Service system again after a few minutes. If you still cannot access your Voice Mail Service, please call our Hotline for assistance.

Once the Voice Mail Service is activated, can I receive messages already?
You first have to configure or set-up your phone to so that calls are diverted to the Voice Mail Service. Depending on the type and model of your phone, calls can be diverted based on the following:
a. On busy
b. Unreachable
c. Not answered
d. Not available
e. All calls to the Voice Mail Service

Otherwise, although the Voice Mail Service is already activated but calls are not diverted to the Voice Mail Service, your caller either hears an announcement that your phone is out of the coverage area or the phone just keeps on ringing.

The next step is to go to the Main Menu either through 211 (Local Access) or 212 (Universal/Remote Access) and set-up your Voice Mail Service.

I have already diverted my calls to the Voice Mail Service. How come I still can't receive messages?
Please check the configuration/set-up of your Answering Recording Service. If this feature is not activated/connected, leaving of messages is not possible. Please also check if you activated/connected the PIN on your Answering Recording Service. If you activated the PIN on your Answering Service, you have to inform your correspondent's about this code because without the code, they cannot leave messages.

How do I set-up the Short Message Notification?
No need to set up. This feature is automatically activated upon the activation of the Voice Mail Service. The notification can only be sent to your own Sun cellular handset. This feature cannot be modified.

Recording of message was cut (ie recording of message ran out of time). What happens to the message?
The message of your correspondent is recorded as is however, they have the option to listen to their message and change it or send it as is. The system advises them that they have 60sec to record their message and a tone/beep is heard 10sec before the end of the recording time.

I forgot my PIN to access my Mailbox. What do I do now?
Please call the Hotline so that we can reset your PIN.

I forgot my PIN for Answering Recording Service. What do I do now?
The PIN for the Answering Recording Service is announced each time the option "Manage your Answering Service" is chosen.

I have been a Sun subscriber for over 3 months and finally decided to use the Voice Mail Service (ie first time to access the service after over 3 months) however, I could not access the service. What happened?
If there is no activity recorded after a 12-week period, even just dialing the access codes, the service is automatically deactivated. If you want the service activated, you have to request for it through the Hotline.

How are messages played?
The most recent message is played first for each category (ie New, Old and Stored Messages).

I have been trying to access my Mailbox but it asked me to hang-up. What happened?
If you set-up your Voice Mail Service to ask for a PIN (ie PIN) to retrieve your messages, it is possible that you entered a wrong PIN three times. When you check your mailbox, the voice prompt informs you that there have been attempts to access your mailbox and you are advised to change your PIN.

I missed the options mentioned by the voice prompt. Can I listen to the prompt again?
Yes. Just press the "*" and you will be brought back to the previous menu.

Been trying to access the VOICE MAIL SERVICE through 211 and 212 but can't get through. What's wrong?
There is some maintenance activity that is currently being implemented. Please try again after an hour.

How many voice and fax messages can I keep at one time?
You can keep up to 25 voice messages. This includes new, old and stored/saved messages. New or messages can be kept for 7 days, old messages for 3 days and stored messages for 7 days. For calls without deposit (ie no message recorded), your mailbox can store up to 10 "messages".

New fax messages on the other hand, are stored for 15 days. You can store up to over 80 pages of pure text or 25 pages of pure graphics. When retrieved the fax message becomes an "old message" and need to be manually deleted unless you opt to wait for the automatic message deletion, which is 3 days, the same timeline as voice messages.

What if my mailbox has reached the maximum number of voice and fax messages?
Your correspondents' cannot leave messages and they hear an announcement that your mailbox is full. You therefore have to delete messages to allow new messages to be stored.

How much does the Voice Mail Service cost?
When you access your Voice Mail via the Local Access (i.e. using your own mobile phone), it's FREE. However, there are certain features that are chargeable, e.g. Message Notification, Call Return, Sending Deferred Voice Messages, etc.

When you call your Voice Mail Service through the Universal (Remote) Access that is, using other phones there are applicable charges (charges vary if phone used is a mobile or a landline).

If you are accessing your Voice Mail from another country, international rates of that country apply.

Remember to call 200 if you need further assistance.

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