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Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Voice Mail for Free from SUN Cellular

More than just an ordinary voice mail service.  As far as I know only SUN Cellular offers free voice mail service to its prepaid and postpaid subscribers.

Sun Cellular's Voice Mail Service lets you kick back and enjoy life more. No longer are you tied to your mobile phone, scrambling to answer a call or to keep it on always because you don't want to miss a call.

You can answer phone calls with your own personalized greeting and change it anytime of the day. It's available 24/7, whether you're in the most remote area in the Philippines or as far as other countries.

Sun Cellular's Voice Mail automatically notifies you when someone either left you a message or just tried to call you, even if your phone is off! You can listen to your messages at your convenience. No pressure. What's more, if your phone is not available you can use other mobile or landline phones. No hassle.

Depending on your chosen plan (i.e. postpaid or prepaid), you have an array of features you can benefit from. You can receive fax messages, send greetings or reminders at designated dates and times or return the call of the person who left you a message without the hassle of memorizing his number.

The Voice Mail Service is automatically available to all Postpaid subscribers. Prepaid subscribers on the otherhand, need to request for the service at no extra charge. Please note that if there is no recorded Voice Mail activity within a 12-week period, the service is automatically deactivated.

Reactivation of the service can be requested through the Sun Shop or Hotline.
Sun Cellular's Voice Mail Service allows you to save up to 25 voice messages at 1 minute per message. New messages are automatically stored for 3 days and can be saved for an additional 7 days.

Find out how Sun Cellular's Voice Mail Service can make your life a little more stress-free by calling 200 on your SUN cellular phone or call (02)-395-8000 on any landline (toll charges may apply when calling outside Metro Manila).

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