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Thursday, March 17, 2011

YugaDeals: Gadget Deals by Yuga

YugaDeals is a group buying service and online store that caters primarily to the tech community. Our deals will primarily feature gadgets and electronic appliances as well as services and digital offers at great discounts.

Unlike in other market segments like food, travel, health and services, the tech industry does not enjoy huge margins for physical products. YugaDeals will attempt to give a crack at it, and possibly add a little bit of twist.

Each week, YugaDeals will feature one interesting gadget or tech service at a discounted price. The offer is then activated and the discount becomes applicable once a certain number of buyers have confirmed purchase.

If, in some cases, the required number of purchase has not been met within the sale period the deal is de-activated. All payments are then remitted back to initial buyers in full.

YugaDeals team works directly with suppliers and distributors to get you the best deals in town. The idea is that we can get much better deals if products or services are bought in bulk so the more people participate, the better the deal.

YugaDeals Inc. is new a tech venture in partnership with YugaTech, IdeaLab and Sparrow Interactive.

Sign-up if you are interested at:  http://yugadeals.com/

Via:  Yugatech

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