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Monday, April 4, 2011

ABS-CBN Digital TV to Launch this 2011

Thru a Digital TV (DTV) DigiBox you can watch ABS-CBN as clear as you are watching an original DVD movie.  Together with ABS-CBN you can also watch

1.    GEM TV
2.    Studio 23
3.    NBN
4.    Plus 5 Premium ABS-CBN Cable Channels FOR FREE!

Premium channels are for the family:
1.    2 for the Kids
2.    1 for mommy
3.    1 for daddy
4.    1 for the youth

1.    No more ghosting screens
2.    No more snowy reception

All super clear channels and superior sound quality FOR FREE!  The DigiBox can also receive other Digital TV signals from other local channels.

The cost of DTV DigiBox is as cheap as unbranded DVD Player, roughly between ₱400-₱800.

After NTC releases the final documentations, ABS-CBN Digital TV will initially launch this year on Luzon and on Visayas and Mindanao on the next few years.

Report from ABS-CBN's TV Patrol:

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