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Friday, April 22, 2011

Contest Entry: jehzlau-concepts & SherWeb's Win an iPad

Here are the official video, text and still images versions contest entry to JehzLau-Concepts' and SherWeb Hosted Exchange iPad Giveaway.

Please see below SherWeb Flash Ad (336x280 Google Adsense Size) that I made to appreciate the sponsorship of SherWeb Hosted Exchange:

Video Version via YouTube (Best viewed in 720p and 1080p)

This cool iPad Giveaway contest is made possible by the #1 hosted exchange provider.  You can also join by visiting JehzLau-Concepts and good luck to all contestants.

Text Version

Why I should win an iPad?

Because I want to:

Share my iPad with my friends and relatives.  I can shoot in 720p HD video with my HD cam for memorable occasions, moments, upload it in my iPad and store them and might consider using a secure and reliable FTP storage.

Hook on Apple’s AppStore via iTunes to play, buy, and sync my music, movies, and more.  With heavenly applications that AppStore can deliver, I can be efficient, well-informed and entertained.

Encourage the company where I am working to shift on reliable, competitive, expert and customer-oriented hosted exchange provider.  I can upload PowerPoint presentations, Excel spreadsheet data files in my iPad to present the benefits and advantages on shifting to the #1 hosted exchange provider.  I can also use the iPad for my work-related reports and presentations.

Read e-Books, I want to start reading and acquire all required information on my desired matter especially on putting up a business.  Someday I am dreaming to become a Reseller of gadgets and targeting to have a superior program to enhance my business' ability to supply customers with powerful Microsoft communication and collaboration services to boost my business.

Watch HD videos as a form of relaxation.  With iPad’s capability to play common video file formats, vivid screen colors and wide screen display, I’ll surely enjoy watching.

Engage more on social networking sites, wherein I can read others opinions and happenings in their life by using iPad’s Safari to visit websites.  And because of iPad’s portability and 3G+WiFi connectivity, I can bring it anywhere for me to keep updated on my friends’ Facebook shared postings and Twitter tweets.

Blog and browse jehzlau-concepts.com and other sites.  I am planning to blog the #1 hosted exchange provider win or lose on this contest.  But I prefer to blog SherWeb on an iPad.

Still Images Version

Reliable and
Worth it
Business Booster

SherWeb Hosted Exchange
#1 Hosted Exchange Provider

The Blue Stickman's Secret Magic Spell ^_^

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