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Monday, April 4, 2011

Globe Broadband Complaint: Port Refreshing that Changes Internet Speed

I want to share an email complaint that I sent to NTC pertaining to Globe Broadband port refreshing that changed my internet speed everytime they are doing it due to my complaints on internet disconnections:

dateSun, Apr 3, 2011 at 11:45 AM
subjectGlobe Broadband Speed Complaint


I am writing to you because of the recurring problem that I am experiencing with Globe Broadband.  I availed their 2Mbps upgrade speed last year (2010) my area is Imus, Cavite, Poblacion IV-C from 1Mbps.  After a week my speed went up to 1.7Mbps which is quite far from 2Mbps, I complained about it and they resolved the issue and they set the correct speed to 2Mbps which I subscribed to.  On this concern, as you will notice, they can give 2Mbps but why is it that they need to wait for the customer to complain before providing the desired speed subscribed by the customer.  It is clear that they are pegging the speed to 1.5-1.7Mbps.

And every time I am experiencing frequent disconnections, I used to report the problem to their technical support line.  What the technician is going to do is to reset the port.  But after restarting the port somehow my speed went down and I think being pegged to 1.7Mbps from 2Mbps.

I think you need to investigate why after restarting the port the speed changes and went down 1.5-1.7 Mbps.  Port restarting is being done to refresh the connection per Globe technician.

The bottom line here is Globe Broadband (area Imus Cavite) default speed to residential 2Mbps plan is being pegged at 1.7Mbps in which they can actually provide a subscribed speed of 2Mbps.

Thank you and I am hoping for your soonest action and response.
Luckily NTC responded:

from    ospac
to    "Legaspi, Hector C."
date    Mon, Apr 4, 2011 at 8:53 AM
subject    Re: Globe Broadband Speed Complaint
Good am,

Thank you for your email.  With regards to your concerns, rest assured that we will act on your complaint accordingly and inform the parties concerned for the immediate resolution of the said matter.

For your guidance and information.

God Bless and have a nice day.

If you have the same problem, share it via IntenseDebate below and email NTC at ospac@ntc.gov.ph.

UPDATE 2011.04.04:
My internet speed is now back to 2Mbps.  Thank you for the prompt response Globe.

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