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Friday, April 15, 2011

NTC Undecided Yet to Adopt ISDB for PH Digital TV?

I sent a letter to NTC to clarify if they are still undecided with the standard that Philippines will going to use for Digital TV:

dateWed, Apr 6, 2011 at 12:15 PM
subject PH Digital Television Standard

Last year, your commission formally ushered in the DTV era in the country when it issued a circular adopting the Japanese DTV standard or the Integrated Services Digital Broadcast-Terrestrial (ISDB-T).  The circular was passed during a consultation hearing attended by industry stakeholders (http://newsbytes.ph/2011/04/05/abs-cbn-hits-ntc-indecision-on-digital-tv-standard/).
With the recent update on the deployment of DTV here in the Philippines, I am disappointed the way you handle the roll-out.  First you decide to have the European DVB and I think last year shifted to Japan's ISDB.  ABS-CBN is now ready to roll out and will let the Filipinos experience this new technology.  So now, you are telling that you need to study fist the version 2 of European DVB?  How true is this?  What if there is a newest ISDB then you will shift to study on that.  This will be a never ending study.
I suggest you stick with Japan's ISDB and make up your mind, this is the time to let the Filipinos embrace a new level of entertainment.
Thank you and I am hoping for your soonest response.  Your response will be posted on my tech blog - www.hectorlegaspi.com

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