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Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Biggest Loser Pinoy Edition

Reily Santiago, production manager of ABS-CBN’s reality show “The Biggest Loser Pinoy Edition,” said contestants are staying in a “camp” that is spruced up like a five-star hotel.

The “fitness and wellness” camp is located inside a golf club in General Trias, Cavite.

“We want the contestants to feel comfortable,” Santiago explained.

After all, the 12 participants are currently undergoing physical, mental and emotional upheavals as they try to shed weight.

Taping is ongoing. Hosted by Sharon Cuneta, with Derek Ramsay as co-host, the show premieres Monday night.

Santiago said that the contestants will undergo a 22-week weight-loss program.

The heaviest contestant, he recalled, weighed in at 418 pounds.

The beds are, of course, king-sized. The camp was decorated by Jesser Maducdoc and Aisa Santamaria.

Apart from the deluxe furnishings by Picanti, the participants can avail of first-rate exercise equipment provided by Fitness First.

They are being trained by sports medicine specialist Jim Saret and kickboxer Chinggay Andrada.

For their dietary concerns, Nadine Tengco is on board to help them, too.

The contestants have psychologist Randy Dellosa as resident psychiatrist.

In a previous interview, Dellosa said the show would be “interesting and educational” for viewers because it will tackle the “emotional and psychological” reasons behind overeating.

Tengco related that some contestants “eat 16 cups or 1 kilo of rice a day.”

“They eat when stressed. One contestant is separated and has relationship problems. Another one survived the murder of family members,” Santiago related.

Watch The Biggest Loser weeknights on ABS-CBN Primetime Bida before SNN

Report from Inquirer

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