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Friday, June 24, 2011

DFA Passport Application 2011 Experience

Today I was scheduled for an appointment in DFA, their new office is located in ASEANA Business Park, Bradco Avenue corner Macapagal Boulevard, Paranaque City.  Time of appointment is 10:30AM but the DFA reminded me to come 30 minutes before the appointment schedule.  Last night I prepare the documents that I need to submit:

  1. NSO Birth Certificate in security paper (SECPA)
  2. Certified True Copy (CTC) of Birth Certificate (BC) issued by the Local Civil Registrar with dry seal because my BC SECPA is unreadable for whatever reason
  3. ID Cards – SSS, BIR, COMELEC-Voter, Alumni ID and Company ID
  4. NBI Clearance (already expired last year – 2010)
  5. Transcript of Records
  6. Birth Certificate non NSO
I photocopied the above requirements in three copies eventually DFA is only requiring you to submit one copy.

I woke up at 6:45 AM, damn it’s raining and first thing that popped in my mind is the traffic.  So I decided to have a quick moderate breakfast, took a bath and exactly 8:00 AM I was ready to go. I rode a tricycle going to Aguinaldo Highway, Imus, Cavite.  Luckily I spotted one ordinary bus going to Baclaran.  My friend Eman told me that there are Yellow Cabs near Lydia’s Lechon but actually it is in front of Flamingo or right after UniOil gas station.  You need to tell the Yellow Cab driver that you are going to DFA ASEANA.

I arrived at DFA (ASEANA) at 8:50 AM.  I went to Gate 2 as the posters in other gates show that all applicants who made an online appointment should go on that gate.  I went in Gate 2, the guard inspected my Kinetix backpack and you can get a free “Dyaryo Trabaho” if you want. 

This is useful while waiting inside, reading while waiting is a good thing to do inside if there are a lot of applicants.  Do not forget to tell them that you are scheduled for an appointment, show your application form and the guard will tell you to go in the Appointment Verification section located outside the main building but still in inside the perimeter of DFA, it is located in front of the rest rooms.

In the Appointment Verification section, I presented my e-Passport Application form. I got it from an email after you requested an appointment and entered your personal information at http://www.epassport.com.ph/   They will scan the barcode in the application form, make sure that the application form is in good condition or much better to print it in 2 copies, the other one will serves as a back-up.

 After the Appointment Verification section, I proceeded in the main building, first floor of course. Some might opted to re-schedule their appointment that’s why there were moderate number of applicants inside.  Look at the big LCD monitor, I called it the Queue Alert, because it will queue you to where window you can submit all your e-Passport requirements.  I was surprised that only logo of DFA is being shown in the LCD monitor.  I approached someone from the Information Center and the old lady told me that they are not giving the queue number and I should look on the last person in the line to process my e-Passport.  I decided to search and I found the last person in a quite long line and I fell in line.  There were officers inside to assist you so don’t be afraid to ask them if you have any questions.  Twenty three processing windows were working in full swing.  There were a lot of non-movable metal chairs inside, it was cool and comfortable inside the processing area.

 After 15 minutes, I reached the first row and the officer told me to go in Window 23 and I submitted the original and photocopied requirements.  The officer asked me if I want a regular or rush, I decided to have my e-Passport processed as regular, below are the processing fees:

  1. Regular Processing: Php 950.00 (25 working days) - July 28 is the release date of my passport
  2. Rush Processing: Php 1,200.00 (15 working days) – I think it's July 14
Initially the process officer will return all documents not needed in the processing.  In less than 2 minutes I got the Passport Slip together with the stapled original NSO SECPA BC (birth certificate), photocopied Certified True Copy of my BC because my NSO SECPA is unreadable, original NBI clearance, the officer also attached the photocopied ID cards.  He told me to go in the second floor and I proceeded to the cashier to pay the processing fee.

From the processing window, I went to the right and I saw 2 escalators, one is going to the second floor while the other one is not working or DFA turned it off to save electricity.  In the second floor, I looked for “Passport Enrollment Section” with Step 2 Payment / Cashier signage. 

I went directly in the Cashier, DFA have 4 windows and I chose the shortest line.  I opted to pay the fee in Window 4, waiting time is about 5 minutes.  I showed my Passport Slip together with the application form and requirements attached in it.  Pay the cashier and he validated my Passport Slip, the slip was machine validated to reflect the payment.

After the cashier, the signage for Encoding / Enrollment which is Step 3 is noticeable so I fell in line. It took me less than 5 minutes of waiting time.  You need to present the official receipt / Passport Slip (machine validated to reflect the payment of processing fee) to the officer in charge in Step 3.  After I showed my official receipt, I got my queue number – 1415.  I am now ready for Step 3 – Data and Image Capturing (includes Biometrics).  Have a sit and look closely in the large LCD monitor that queue the applicants on where capturing table they should go.

 I remembered that the queue numbers being shown ranges from 1340-1345. Since DFA now have more than 60 data, image, and biometrics capturing booths, after 15 minutes, my queue number was shown in the queue alert.  I was assigned in capturing table number 51.  It took me 5 minutes of data verification, image capturing and signing.  There are officers from DFA Multi Purpose Cooperative (DFAMPC) that offers an LBC delivery of your passport that will approach to you while you are waiting, you can pay them P120.00 and they will issue you an official receipt.

If there are no officers from DFAMPC approach you for a delivery, just look in the Courier / Home Delivery Signage and surrender your Passport Slip to the DFAMPC officer, pay the LBC delivery fee of P120.00. I waited for the receipt and I approached the encoders in this section, I gave my official receipt for them to print my shipping document and the official receipt plus the shipping document was stapled and they gave it to me.  You cannot exit on the door you used to enter Step 2 and 3 because it is exclusive for entrance only.  I found the exit in the rightmost part of the Encoding/Enrollment section.

I can’t believe that I processed my e-Passport in just 40 minutes.  Thanks to the modernization of DFA, the weather because it is raining (some applicants might re-scheduled their appointment) and the officers who gladly entertained my questions and efficient workforce from DFA OCA.

I waited my friend Christian who came from TUP Manila to retrieve his ID card.  He only have the Student ID, NSO SECPA BC, NBI and TOR as his requirements in hand. We are lucky because we processed our passports in 30-40 minutes processing time.   Christian opted to have the rush process.

Kudos to DFA Office of the Consular Affairs (OCA) – ASEANA.

For applicants, read everything in http://www.epassport.com.ph/
  1. What To Expect
  2. Documentary Requirements
  3. Passport Fees
  4. Location Map

Update 20110801:
My Password has arrived!


Heecatez08 said...

hi! ask ko lang kung naka-indicate ba sa nbi clearance mo na purpose ay travel abroad? pwede din kaya kung for employment??

Hector said...

Heecatez08 - NBI clearance is either local or intl.

rhoda said...

they accepted an expired NBI clearance?

Hector said...

Yes @Rhoda

lincoln lariosa said...

yung friend mo po pano po nya naretrieve ung ID nya sa TUP ? im from tup din ... nung kinuha ko ung tor ko kinuha nila ung ID ko .. ngayon nmn kelangan ko ng id para sa passport ko. pede pa kaya mahiram pansamantala aung id ko kahit.. hay..

Hector said...

@lincoln - fortunately he has a friend in the Registrar that's why he was able to retrieve his ID

anne said...

hi .ako po c neslie 20 yrs old mgaapply pa lng po para sa passport pero ung birth certificate ko po my maliing isang letter sa middle initial ko possible po ba na iaccept ng DFA ang affidavit of decripancy ? ..salamat po ..

Hector said...

@neslie - if you have that duly signed affidavit, i don't have any reason why DFA will reject your application and apply the changes on your middle name

dupdos said...

thank for hector for this blog...very informative...

Yer said...

pwede po ba gamitin ang Company ID and TIN ID?

Hector said...

@Yer - Original ID i.e. Senior Citizen's ID, Voter's ID, digitized government-issued IDs like SSS, PRC, BIR, Driver's License, original school ID (for students only) AND original supporting documents indicating full name, date and place of birth and citizenship.

ethelkatrina said...

Hi. How many days did it take before you got your passport? We're supposed to receive it yesterday per the schedule pero we haven't received any till today. Just want to check ano ang real timeline nila. Thanks.

Hector said...

@ethelkatrina - regular is 25 days + 2-3 days if you opted to deliver it thru LBC

Marlon Magno said...

Hi. Would DFA accept my application if the only documents in hand were : NSO Birth Certificate, Drivers License and an expired NBI clearance (personal copy 2011)?

Hector said...

@Marlon - that will do

OrangeAndBlueSexuality said...

Will NSO BC, PRC ID, expired NBI clearance, expired Barangay clearance, old company ID, College TOR, High School ID do? Thanks.

Hector said...

@OrangeAndBlueSexuality yup those will do

jheanily tang said...

hi. Pag driver's license lang na id ang meron ako, okay na po? Anu kailangan non-pro or pro? Postal at philhealth di po kasi valid diba? Salamat po. Sana may sumagot.

Hector said...


LIST OF ACCEPTABLE IDS (At least 1 of the following):

Government-issued picture IDs such as the following:
Digitized SSS ID
Driver’s License
GSIS E-card
Digitized BIR ID
Senior Citizen’s ID
Other acceptable picture IDs such as the following:
Old College ID
Alumni ID
Old Employment IDs

david gonzaga said...

hi guys.. i do have an appontment tomorrow @ dfa aseana 9:00am.
just wanna ask if dfa will accept my documents and id's...here's the list..
ID's :
voter's id
postal id
barangay id
makati health plus card id
2010 Makati Volunteer Group id
nbi clearance (yellow2009 and green2013)
police clearance (makati)
fiscal's clearance (makati)
barangay clearance (makati)
NSO (both secpa and non-NSO birth cert)
sss e1 form
community tax cert (both old and current)
voter's certificate
(self employed kse ko ever since so hndi ko na napa-ID ung sss ko and meron ako student license kaso wayback 2006 pa and di ko rin napa non-pro)

Hector said...

Hi david, you have enough IDs and supporting docs. Pls check the consistency of your full name and birth date on those documents that you have to avoid any issue.

tantan natnat said...

Importante ba ung second page ng birth certificate? medyo malabo kasi yung sakin e

Hector said...

Hi Tantan, not sure why you have a second page... As long as your name details, date and place of birth and parents name are clear and visible on the first page, that will do : )

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