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Monday, June 6, 2011

I am a certified LG2XPERT

Thank you God for this another blessing that you gave to me.  I am chosen as one of LG 2XPERTS in the recently concluded Optimus 2X 50% Discount contest.  I convinced the judges by answering the simple question why I should be chosen as an LG Optimus 2XPERT.

At first I am quite nervous, afraid, excited reading the winners from number 1 to 75.  I felt that my entry was not chosen because there are only 25 discount privileges left.  But luckily I saw my name as the 96th winner.  Yey!

At first I don't want to believe that I am the winner because it might be the other Hector Legaspi but when I read an email from LG, they confirmed that I won the discount.

So I can now purchase LG Optimus 2X for only PHP 13,995.00!  That's 50% off from the SRP of PHP 27,990.00 via PayPal.

 I click the link in the email so that I can purchase Optimus 2X at half its SRP:

After I logged-in to my PayPal account I reviewed the Shipping Address, Payment Method and Contact Information and I clicked "Pay Now"

For BPI e-Credit cardholders, please do not use it as your card in PayPal.
I don't know why I can't purchase using this type of card, maybe there's a limit on the online purchase amount so I tried to use my main BPI credit card and the purchase was successful:

An email notification will be sent to confirm the transaction.  Optimus 2X team should contact my mobile number to confirm delivery address within the next 24 to 48 hours.

Delivery of phone unit shall be from 5 business days from time of call confirmation.  Delivery Status, and other concerns, please contact hotline at +632 477 8508

Thank you LG Optimus PH


Update 2011.06.07
I am scheduled to contact by Optimus 2X team anytime tomorrow to verify the shipping address and some personal information.

Update 2011.06.08
Someone called me up this morning from Optimus 2X team and he verified some information.  I was told that the consignment (O2X unit) is strictly for the consignee (recipient/winner) only.  Two valid (government) IDs* are required to submit to the courier (DHL) and a credit card indicating the name of the winner is also a requirement (need to show it to the courier staff).

*Photocopy of 2 valid IDs

Update 2011.06.09
My Optimus 2X was shipped via WWW Express (formerly DHL Philippines). I am expecting to receive the unit anytime tomorrow! ^_^

Update 2011.06.10
I decided to check the status of the shipment thru wwwexpress.com.ph
I am quite disappointed because until now "No Data" can be found on the shipment's tracking number:

I called Sun Cross Communications and an officer of Optimus 2X told me that there was an error on sending the PayPal notification regarding the shipment, it should not have been sent yesterday.  He also confirmed that only today WWWexpress picked up the unit.  Optimus 2X only have until June 15 to deliver my unit (5 business days upon receipt of their call).  So expected delivery is Monday since they have no weekend delivery.  I need to wait for another 2 days (-_-)

Update 2011.06.11
My O2X is now in transmit

Update 2011.06.13
I got my LG Optimus 2X genius phone!
More at http://www.hectorlegaspi.com/2011/06/my-lg-optimus-2x-from-lg2xpert-contest.html

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