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Friday, June 3, 2011

Win an LG Optimus Black


Promo duration starts on 3pm of June 1 and ends on 12noon of June 30.
HOW TO JOIN / REGISTER1.Go to http://www.facebook.com/LGOptimusPH and like the page to join.
2.Click "LG Optimus Black" on the left menu bar of the page. This opens the LG Optimus Black Facebook Tab.
3.Click "PLAY NOW" and you will be redirected to http://apps.facebook.com/winlgoptimusblack/
4.Click "PLAY NOW" to register
5.Register with your Name, Email, Mobile Number, Birthday, Complete Address, and Occupation.
After registering, click on "PLAY NOW" to start the game. This starts the timer. Just click on the "AMPLIFY NOVA BRIGHTNESS!" button as fast and as many times as you can. Each click powers the Brightness meter. The farther the meter runs, the brighter the phone lights up. While you are playing, you can view the time to beat and your overall ranking on the box located at the right. The game ends when you reach 700 NIT, the highest you can go in the Brightness Meter. Your overall ranking can be viewed on the same right box while you’re playing. Ranking will be based on how early and how fast you achieved the goal of the game.

To play again, click "PLAY AGAIN!" and invite 1 friend. You can play as much as 20 times in one day!
Every time you play the game again, your previous score resets to the most recent one.
How to Break Ties
Ties for the game will not be possible since the top 10 winners will be ranked according to the first 10 who accomplished the fastest time. This means, other than the fastest time, you also have to be the earlier winner. Which all "time stamps" are counted using the web standard, in milliseconds (ms). These will all be ranked automatically, without any human intervention.

Entries produced from scripting and/or other programs are rendered null and void.
The top 10 fastest players to turn the phone from dull to bright wins and LG Optimus Black phone!
1.Top 3 Players will each win an LG Optimus Black phone
2.Top 4 to 10 players will each receive a consolation prize of an exclusive offer of getting their own LG Optimus Black phone at a special rate of P17,990

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