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Tuesday, June 14, 2011

WWWExpress Service that Sucks

The package from SunCross Communications Inc. should have been delivered yesterday (June 13) before 5PM.  I haven't received the package until 8:30PM.  I called the hotline and they told me that there was an internal problem.

The package arrived at 8:30PM, very late and the courier requested to meet at 7-eleven Starmall Alabang for me to pick up the small package.  I already talked to WWWExpress CSR that they should deliver the parcel in Starmall Padi's Point entrance more than an hour before 8:30PM but the courier insisted to have 7-eleven as the meeting place for the courier's convenience instead of the customer

There are other better couriers and I am wondering why SunCross chose WWWExpress.

Their service really sucks - http://wwwexpress.com.ph

WWWExpress is affiliated with DHL.

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