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Saturday, July 30, 2011

BPI Express Credit Enhancements

In BPI's continuous effort to make things easier for their customers, they are pleased to inform BPI Express Credit customers of the following enhancements to their credit card:

1.  Regular and Special Installment Plan (SIP) limits will now be combined into one credit line. This gives more flexibility to utilize the total Credit Limit either for straight charges or installment purchases.

2.  View a summary of balances per type of credit card on the first page of your statement.  This makes it more convenient to account total charges.

3.  The corresponding cardholder name per card will now appear on the succeeding pages together with the transaction details.  This is to easily determine charges made by the supplementary cardholders.

4.  On the first page of the statement of account, view the Real Thrills Rewards points are available for redemption aside from the total earned and redeemed points.  For Petron-BPI MasterCard, the total fuel rebates earned for the year will also now appear on the first page, effective September statement of account.  These provide you a better view of the total value and savings you have earned just by using your card.

Statement of Account New Format

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