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Tuesday, July 5, 2011

BPI Express Credit Mini Edge from Free Annual Fee to P400 per Year

I received my statement of account in my BPI Express Credit and I got surprised when I saw an annual fee for Mini Edge from free to P400.00/year.  In addition to the monthly Edge card fee of P110.00 which is P1,320.00 annually plus P400.00 for Mini Edge, BPI Edge cardholders will now have P1,720.00 annual fee from P1,320.00, that's 23.26% increase.

I called BPI hotline and the CSR told me that they need to investigate the new annual fee for the mini Edge card printed in SOA Fees and Charges document attached in my SOA for the month of June 2011.  Because the CSR is not aware of the new annual fee for mini Edge card.  I am hoping that this is a simple typographical error. 

Confirmed by BPI, P400.00 annual fee for Mini Edge.

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