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Saturday, July 23, 2011

Globe Broadband DSL PAP Login Error

I am a Globe Broadband DSL subscriber for three years now.  Last night, I experienced an unusual problem connecting in the Globe network.  The ADSL LED is stable but I noticed that the Internet LED indicator is blinking.  I checked the logs by accessing the router's webpage and I was surprised that the PAP login is unsuccessful due to either incorrect username and password set.  PAP or Password Authentication Protocol, the most basic form of authentication, in which a user's name and password are transmitted over a network and compared to a table of name-password pairs.

I haven't changed anything in the settings especially on the username and password that is why I decided to call the hotline at 171.

I talked to Technical Support Specialist (TSS) and I was advised that there were no ongoing facility enhancement or maintenance in my area so what we did is to do a basic troubleshooting.  The TSS told me to turn off the modem (Prolink H6300G) for about ten seconds and after that the TSS instructed me to turn it on after the TSS checked something in the system

Fortunately, the issue was fixed that night.  In case you have the same problem, just turn off your modem for ten seconds and turn it on and if the workaround didn't solve the problem, you call Globe's hotline at 171.

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