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Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Globe Broadband DSL Strikes Again!

After I praised Globe Broadband DSL two days ago with its consistent, fast speed and reliable service for the past 2 months in my Facebook wall:

I encountered an internet connection problem yesterday at 11:15PM.  I called 171 but the hotline is congested.  That proved that I am not the only subscriber who experienced the internet connectivity issue:

My Prolink modem/router internet LED is unstable (blinking and sometimes no light at all).

I have a chance to talk to a technical support specialist and she confirmed that there are previous subscribers with the same problem that she entertained prior in engaging to my call.  She insisted to have a basic troubleshooting but I didn't allow it and I suggest that the problem is with Globe's main network.  Then the call cut suddenly and I heard a series of beeps.  I don't know if the agent intentionally cut the call because I was quiet angry that time.

I am wondering what went wrong with Globe Broadband DSL.  To all who experience the same problem, kindly ask for a rebate.

The internet resumed after one and a half hour.  I appreciate the fast response Globe but I need a rebate.

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