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Saturday, July 9, 2011

LG Optimus 2X Software Update for July 2011

This is the very first update that I got from Optimus 2X.  Make sure that you have your LG PC Suite IV application installed in your PC and USB cable.  Please read the Optimus 2X manual on instructions how to retrieve the installer stored in your O2X. 

1.  Connect your O2X into your PC via USB cable.
2.  Run LG PC Suite IV
3.  Click "Check Phone Update"

Make sure to back up everything.  PC Suite will guide you on how to back up all your contacts, calendar entries and memo.

After clicking "Phone Software Update", LG will check for new LGMobile update program:

LGMobile Support Tool will automatically launch and it will check the connection with the smartphone:

After checking the connection and you will notice that the command button for "Start Updating" changes its color to maroon, you can now click it to commence updating:

LG Phone Update will analyze the PC environment:

Notification that all data in the phone might be deleted will pop up.  Click Yes if you did a backup:

Download will start and make sure that you have a stable connection because you need to download 203.53 Mb of files.  I downloaded it for 14 minutes at 2 Mbps bandwidth:

After downloading, the application will start to uncompress the files:

Problem with communication between smartphone and PC will show.

1.  Disconnect the USB cable in your O2X.
2.  Remove your battery and install it after a second.
3.  Turn on your O2X
4.  Connect the USB cable in your O2X to continue updating.

The update completed after 22 minutes:

What's with the update?

1.  Data on phone are still there
2.  This not an OS update but an LGE and Baseband updates.  No change log provided by LG but I noticed that the home screen is improved in terms of switching between screens.

Before the update:
Baseband:  1035.21_20110405
LGE Version:  LGP990-V10b

After the update:

Baseband:  1035.21_20110622
LGE Version:  LGP990-V10d

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