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Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Smart Unlimited PostPaid Plans

Anne Curtis for Smart Unli Postpaid

Unlimited Postpaid Plans

Move on to what REAL unli postpaid should be! Calling and texting have never been more affordable when you upgrade to Unli Postpaid plans.

Plan 299 Plan 599
On-net Unlimited Unlimited
Off-net P1.00 P1.00
On-net P6.50 Unlimited
Off-net P7.50 P7.50
iOSMS P10.00 P10.00
IDD $0.40 $0.40
Data P10.00 every 30 mins P10.00 every 30 mins
  • Unli Postpaid Plan 599: Unlimited Call and Text, Smart-to-Smart
  • Unli Postpaid Plan 299: Unlimited Text, Smart-to-Smart



  1. Unlimited service applies to SMART, Red, Talk N’ Text and Addict Mobile subscribers.
  2. No registration required to avail the UNLI, upon activation of the account, the unlimited service can already be enjoyed.
  3. Usages outside the UNLI service will be billed on top of the monthly service fee.
  4. Unli applies to local calls/sms only.
  5. Usages outside the unli service will be billed on top of the monthly service fee

Get a smart unlimited postpaid now!

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