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Thursday, August 11, 2011

Dragona CBT Phase 2 Free P5000.00 Test E-Coins Sign Up Now!

Gameclub is generous enough to give the CBT players a whopping P5000.00 worth of test e-coins for Dragona.  How to avail?

Sign up at:  http://ph.gameclub.com/member/registration.asp?gamecode=DR
You need to create another account in order for you to get the P5000.00 test e-coins for Dragona only and applicable for CBT Phase 2 Testing from August 12 10AM to August 14 10PM of 2011.

Cash shop testing is a part of the Beta Phase to test Cash items that will be introduced in Open Beta

  1. All accounts created on Dragona PH website will receive 5000 e-coins each.
  2. Please be advised that ONLY accounts registered under Dragona PH website will receive free test ecoins.
  3. For those who used their preexisting Gameclub accounts, if you want to join our Item Shop Testing and receive 5000 test e-coins you can just create an account here http://dragona.ph.gameclub.com/drmain.asp.  Ecoins will then be inserted the next day.
  4.  If you want more ecoins, you can just register a new account on Dragona PH website.
  5. This test ecoins will not reflect on your account in Gameclub website. Live topups made on Gameclub website will not be be added to your test ecoins. Test ecoins can only be seen and used in Dragona Cash Shop.

 Patch your Dragona now!

See you tomorrow for Dragona CBT Phase 2 at 10AM.

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