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Monday, November 28, 2011

Tiring Day and the 13th Month Pay

Today is really tiring for me.  I received new updates on the specifications of a certain project, data capturing issue and beta testing of an application enhancement in addition to the application issues that we encountered few hours ago that added to the stress.  Looking at the brighter side, the company will going reflect our 13th Month Pay tomorrow (11/29) Yahoo!
For those who does not have any idea what is a 13th month pay:
(Basic Monthly Pay) ÷ 12 * (Number of Months worked within the Calendar Year) The term '13th Month Pay' denotes the one twelfth (1/12) of the employee's basic salary within a calendar year. The 13th Month Pay computation is derived from the 12 months of one calendar year.
But I am still looking forward for a Year-End Bonus. Hehe!

Not to much blogging for the past two months because I am really busy playing Dragona Philippines.

Until next blog entry!
Ooops!  I forgot to ask, if you would be receiving a 13th month pay, how would you spend it?  For me, I'll save it, for now and plan for the future LOL!

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