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Sunday, January 22, 2012

WidgetCity Online Store Experience

I was looking for a cheap Samsung Galaxy Ace and Samsung Galaxy Tab P7500 (3G+,WiFi,16GB) last Tuesday (01/17) and I came up with an online store which has the units and the cheapest price which is WidgetCity.

How to Order?  In 5 easy steps:
  1. First, text or call their hotline for availability at 09175423438.  Kindly note that they only entertain valid numbers from Sun, Smart and Globe networks, meaning if you're going to use Chikka messenger and other SMS online services, they will not reply to your inquiry.
  2. Choose if you are going to pick the unit or have it delivered in front of your doorstep.
  3. Pay either PayPal (with 5% processing charge) or bank deposit via BDO or BPI (no processing charge)
  4. I chose BDO deposit.  I scanned the Deposit Slip and emailed it to sales@widgetcity.com.ph and do not forget to indicate your order details and the recipient of the package information.
  5. Text their hotline again for them to confirm the receipt of your payment and email.
 SMS conversation screenshots:

I inquire the availability of Galaxy Ace and shipping.  They answered that the shipping cost is PHP150.00 including insurance of the unit so most probably they have stocks.
If you will choose PayPal, you need to pay additional 5% fee.  Let's say the unit costs PHP10,000.00, 5% of it is PHP500.00 which should be paid either during pick-up or bank deposit.
I don't want to pay for the additional 5% PayPal fee so I decided to deposit the amount via BDO.  Account Numbers were given in the name of Martin Bornilla's BDO Savings Account - 480231060 and Lorelyn Bornilla's BPI Saving Account - 3060002745.

I asked for freebies : )

Here is my inquiry for Galaxy Tab 10.1 3G

The shipping fee of tab is PHP300.00 going to Alabang, Muntinlupa.  The shipping fee includes the courier insurance of the unit.

I asked for a discount of PHP50.00

WidgetCity confirmed the shipment of the units

WidgetCity Plus Points
  1. Fast Shipment - I received the units in less than 24 hours via LBC (Hari ng Padala).
  2. They have the cheapest price on most gadgets.
  3. Fast processing of order if they have stocks on hand.
  4. Flexible payment modes - PayPal or via bank deposit on either BDO or BPI.
  5. On time response on your inquiries via SMS.
  6. The units I got are sealed, original and brand new.
  7. Trusted seller indeed!

WidgetCity Points for Improvement
  1. Offering free shipping (excludes insurance fee) would attract more customers.
  2. Should include the complete details of the item and the country of origin.  And also if the unit is a limited edition like the Galaxy Ace I go, I did not expect that the unit is a Hugo Boss edition phone.  Nevertheless, the unit I like the unit even though it is not the original Galaxy Ace edition.
  3. Issue an Official Receipt, only order form was given in my case.
  4. Replacement warranty should extend from 3 days to 7 days.
  5. Tracking number should be provided once the item is dispatched to courier.

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Rusty Gonzaga said...

i agree with the official receipt. way to go!

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