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Sunday, November 11, 2012

Lazada Online Store Experience

Last October 1st, I decided to purchase an item in Lazada PH Online Store.  There are a lot to choose from in the cellphone category.  I chose Torque DTV20 for only PHP1,299.00 as a gift to someone.  Shipping is free plus up to 14 days of product return and courier is free of charge.  Purchasing using a credit card is a breeze.   The order should arrive within five working days at maximum in Manila areas while up to 7 working days for provinces.

The next day, I sent an email to them and call their Customer Hotline to check for the status of my order.  Unexpectedly, there are requirements that need to be submitted like scanned Identification Card and the front as well as back copy of the credit card that I used (PIN in the back portion should be masked for cardholder protection).  I did not assume that those requirements are needed because in their site, if you are going to use someone else’s credit card that is the time that you need to submit those requirements.  But the Customer Care Associate that I talked with insisted that it is a requirement prior to processing of orders in their Finance Department.

Processing of order in their Finance Department took 3 working days, really slow processing indeed.  If you are going to compare buying items in eBay and in Lazada, the 3 working days in eBay include the processing and shipping of the order given that the item is available or in their stock room.  I was really frustrated on how they handle the processing of my order.  Prospective buyers should be aware of poor customer service by Lazada. They cannot even provide you a tracking number after your order is processed in their Finance Department and ready of shipping.  The Order Status in their site is of no use as it’s not updated since the time you purchase your item.

After more than a week of waiting, the item finally arrived.  You need to be there to receive the item else, the courier won’t give the package unless you have the Authorization Letter.  The item that I received was intact and working perfectly but after few hours the camera malfunctioned.  I tried to observe for a couple of days and still the problem persisted.  I even tried to restart the phone and do the reset but still the camera failed to open.

I decided to return the item via LBC.  I filled-up the Return Form that can be downloaded in their website and went to the nearest LBC in my area.  I made sure that the item is in original packaging, all accessories are intact.  There’s a corporate LBC account provided by Lazada so I just told to the LBC Representative that I am going to return the item because it’s defective.  The LBC Rep. process the item and was shipped that day and received by Lazada Warehouse in Paranaque the next day.  It took 5 working days, they are really maximizing their turnaround time on returned items.  Hopefully there would be no issues with the replaced item.

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Ah China phone yan sir....volume yan kung iimport pero walang QA

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