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Saturday, January 26, 2013

Globe Postpaid Application Experience

I decided to get a new postpaid plan from Globe last December 29th of 2012.  I went at SM Bacoor Globe Business Center to inquire and submit my requirements as well.  You need to get 3 checks across, see below documents checklist Globe FAQs.

Company I.D check
Company I.D.
(from the country's Top 8000 corporations)
check check check
Credit Card
(to pay the monthly service fee in advance)
check check
Credit Card with Billing Statement check check check
Driver's License check check
Postal or Voter's ID check check
Latest W2 or Form 2316
(Issued by the BIR)
check check
Utility Bills
(Telco or Electricity)
check check
Bank Statement check check
Certificate of Employment and Compensation check check
Rental Lease of Contract check check
Use of a Guarantor
(Existing Globe Subscriber)

I brought my Credit Card with Billing Statement so that I can get 3 checks across the 3 requirements.  For those who would like to submit Credit Card Statement of Account (Billing Statement) I was advised to bring two by the Globe Postpaid Assisting Officer.  I came back and submit the 2 statement of accounts together with my credit card.  Melai who assisted me during the application process got my requirement and she gave the application form and I filled it out.  She asked me what phone unit I would like to get and I said Samsung Galaxy Note 2.  Fortunately they have the titanium gray but I requested for a white version, Melai said that they don't have the white color yet and it will take days if I opt to choose the white color unit.  I was excited to get the Note 2 so I decided to get the titanium gray.  The advantage of submitting Credit Card with Billing Statement is you can get the phone unit you want if it is available in the business center the same day you submitted your requirement.  

I chose UnliSurf Combo Plan 1799 which has an unlimited internet with PHP800 consumable (for local and international call and text only) plus 3 freebies.

 It took roughly 30 minutes of waiting due to validation process.  Melai approached me and I truly disappointed when she said that I need to provide a proof that I paid the latest billing statement for my credit card.  They cannot contact the company where I am currently employed because no one is answering the line due to Sunday which is a non operation day.  Globe SM Bacoor did not allow me to use their computer so that I can show to them that I paid it using BPI Express Online.  I was quite angry that moment because I showed to them that I am currently have a Globe Tattoo @Home (Internet 2Mbps+ Landline Plan 1295) subscription for almost 5 years and I selected to arrange an Auto Debit so that my monthly charges will be paid automatically using my credit card.  Instead they told me to go to the nearest Netopia and printout the necessary proof that I paid the latest credit card billing statement.  I do not have a choice but to rent in Netopia and print out the necessary records in my BPI Express Online.

I went back to Globe and submit the additional documents.  I waited for another half an hour for the validation process and it went well.  I got the unit and pay the unit cash out PHP4,800.00 (I opt to pay it in full but it can be paid thru installment payment plan) + PHP1,799.00 (advance monthly service fee) = PHP6,599.00 using my credit card.  The cashier forgot to give me the charge slip and I did not remember to get it because of the excitement of having a new mobile phone.  Unfortunate for me because I won't redeem a free meal from Jollibee courtesy of BPI Express Credit.

I waited again for almost half an hour before I got my new Samsung Galaxy Note 2 from Globe.  I asked about the free Gadget Care for one month because Melai is not aware that it is also applicable to non-iPhone units.  Melai asked other Officers and clarified that my unit can avail the Gadget Care for one month for free.

Overall experience is quite not good because of the long waiting time.  The assisting officer is not aware of additional free service like Gadget Care.  The cashier forgot to give me the charge slip, my fault as well because I also forgot to check it out.  Globe SM Bacoor needs to expand more space because the area is really small.  Add more comfortable chairs because most of the time I was standing and waiting.  There was no Welcome Kit, I just received the unit and the 128-XL SIM inside the Globe Holidays paper bag.  Melai also forgot to prepare the Auto Debit Arrangement form.

Globe SM Bacoor, the are a few things that you need to iron out and enhanced.  Hopefully you can improve your service soon.

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