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Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Complaint Letter to HP Plus Diagnostics - Alabang

I would like to share my complaint letter to


HP Plus Alabang
Consumer Complaint Division

Dear Hi-Precision Diagnostics:

Re: Missed to Forward my Blood Tests Request to the Extraction Area Causing Me Not to Be Called

On 12/03/2013, 7:30AM, I went to your branch in Alabang to have my quarterly blood tests (specifically FBS, Lipid Profile, Creatinine, Sodium and Potassium).  I got my queue number 1001 and called by your Front Desk named “Mart” (if I heard it right) at 7:45AM.  I have my HMO provider Medilink and gave my HMO card and ID to him and after 15 minutes at 7:55AM, my name was called and my HMO provider approved my tests request.  I was told to wait for my name to be called on the Extraction area.

Unfortunately, after 15 minutes at 8:15AM, the queue number on the screen shows 1010 and my name is not called yet on the Extraction area and I approached the person doing the extraction (the girl with a thick lip) and asked why my queue number 1001 has yet to be called.  She only told me to wait for my name to be called, she did not even bother to ask for my name so that she can check it on her queue list. So where’s customer service here?  Absolutely, none.

I was disappointed on how that person handles me as a customer in addition to the issue that my queue number nor my name has yet to be called.  So, I followed her and waited for another 15 minutes.  I noticed that there were customers who arrived at 8:00AM onwards got extracted already and my name nor queue number has yet to be called.  My tests request got approved at 7:55AM, so how come that my queue number / name was missed to put on queue on your Extraction Area?

At 8:30AM, the queue number on-screen is at 1015, I decided to talk to your “front desk officer”, because I need to go to work at 9:00AM and I felt that I will collapse any moment due to the effect of the fasting.  I explained and discuss to her what is my concern and she assisted to have my name queued on the Extraction Area.  I got extracted at 8:40AM, finally.  What went wrong? Why my name was missed to be put on queue on your extraction area?

I called your customer feedback line 468-0090 that is being displayed on your branch front desk but all I got is that a Supervisor with the name of “Sally” will call me but as of this writing, I have not received any call nor text yet confirming the receipt of this issue on your HP Alabang branch.

Also, the person who took care of the extraction caused an unusual pain on the extracted area on my skin.  I have been on blood extraction multiple times on your branch but the latter instigated discomfort.

To resolve this issue, I would appreciate your investigation on this matter.

I look forward to your reply and a resolution/ corrective action plan to my concern and will wait until 12/15/2013 before seeking help from a consumer healthcare protection agency.  Please contact me 0917***82**.


Hector Legaspi
 I also sent them a message via FB.  Hoping for their response and corrective action soon.


Update 2013.05.04

Got a call from Sally and she said sorry to what happened.  She promised to correct their queue system and reminded their Officers to ensure that a customer extraction request is forwarded to the Extraction Area.

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